Saturday, 2 August 2014

My everyday skincare routine!

Hey guys! Today I will be posting my everyday skincare routine. I will post some pics of the stuff I use, and everything I use I recommend buying, because they are really good, and they have really helped me. Okay so here we go.
(1) First, I wash my face with a cotton face pad with water, simple as.
(2) Next, I dry my face with a face towel.
(3) Next, I use the Clean and Clear deep cleansing lotion, and boy is this strong, but it works wonders for my skin! (It's also for sensitive skin) I highly recommend you buy this. I soak the face pads with this, and use this to cleanse my face!

(4) After I use this, I use a moisturiser. I use the Vaseline spray and go body moisturiser, in cocoa radiant. This is really easy to use because it is a continuous spray, and it absorbs really fast! I also use a facial pad to put this on my face.
(5) And that's it really! Because these products are so good, I don't really use much more for my skin. Sometimes I use face masks, and exfoliaters but that isn't daily, so I wont go into that! 
Post in the comments your must-have facial product!