Tuesday, 5 August 2014

12 Beauty uses for vaseline/petroleum jelly!

Hiya guys! Today I will be posting 12 of the uses for Vaseline/ petroleum jelly. I love vaseline because there is so much uses for it, its so cheap, and most people already have it in there homes. So here are 12 uses.
(1) Spread some on your lips as a lip gloss.
(2) Rub some on your elbows and knees to get rid of that dry look.
(3) Put some on your eyelashes every night before going to bed, and after time, your eyelashes will be thicker and fuller.
(4) Rub some on your wrist and spray on your fave perfume. Its helps maintain the scent longer.
(5) Helps heal and protect tattoo's.
(6) Put some on your eyelid before putting on eye shadow, and (1) It will stay on longer and (2) Give your eyeshadow a shiny effect.
(7) Put some over your week old nail varnish, and make it look like you just painted them that minute!
(8) Moisturize dry skin with this.
(9) Apply this on your lips, and let it dry for a few minutes. When it's dry, take a dry toothbrush and brush in circular motions around your lips. This will help you achieve baby smooth lips, and more fuller lips.
(10) Dab it onto your split ends to help with getting rid of them.
(11) You can use this on your shoes. Just rub some into your shoes to make them look shiny and new!
(12) Put some on your eyelashes before putting on your mascara, to make them lashes waterproof!