Saturday, 27 September 2014

Grow your eyelashes/brows really fast!

Hiya! Today I'll be posting on how to grow your eyelashes or eyebrows super fast. It might help maybe if you over plucked your eyebrows, or just if you want longer eyelashes, or fuller eyebrows. Heres how.

(1) Make sure that you always take your makeup off every night.

(2) Don't overdo it with mascara. Yes, it is wonderful, but it DOES actually contribute to your eyelashes falling off!

(3) Put Vaseline on your eyelashes before going to bed. It will moisturize them, and help them to grow longer.

(4) Don't rub your eyes too much. It isn't healthy for your eyes, or you eyebrows or lashes! Don't do it!

Follow all of these steps for beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows ♥ :)

DIY Repairing hair mask!

I made a video on Youtube on how to make a repairing hair mask, for damaged hair, so I decided to share it with you guys here. Make sure to subscribe to my channel for more vids! Thanks! :)

Want to go directly to my youtube channel? :) Click HERE

Monday, 15 September 2014

DIY Lip stain

Hey! Yesterday I went to Penny's (Primark if your wondering, its called Penny's in Ireland) and I bought a few things, including lip stain! I know I know, I buy way too much makeup, but I couldn't resist! It looked so nice. I love the colour, its a really nice pink. I also bought a red lip stain, and red lipstick. I'm not going to bore you with what I bought because that would take ages! Normally I don't buy makeup from Penny's, but I just saw it, and I thought I would give it a go, and its actually very good. Anyways, here is how you can make your own lip stain! I have tried it myself and its fab! Good luck!


Kool aid/Jell - O (Cherry or strawberry would be the best, as they give natural pink/red colour)


Q - Tip


(1) Pour the Kool aid into a bowl.

(2) Wet the Q - Tip with water.

(3) Dip the wet Q - Tip in the Kool aid.

(4) Apply this to your lips, moving back and forth, as if you were applying lipstick.

(5) If the colour isn't strong enough after 1 application, go and do another, to get a stronger colour. ENJOY!

PS: You could use your fingers to apply it instead of the Q - Tip, but it might stain your fingers a bit.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Youtube account!

I have made my first vid on youtube! Im Kerry Mc on youtube so if you want me to subscribe to you just ask and I might, but make sure you subscribe me back! <3 :) So this is my first vid, and I know it is kind of hard to read my because it is a little fast, but im working on it! Try pausing it! :) My first vid there is called Thefashionistadiygal. Just incase you wanna search it up on youtube! :) If you want to go directly to my vid on youtube, just click the heading of the video, Thefashionistadiygal and you will be taken there! Thanks! :)

Awesome advice! (2)

This is my second awesome advice, and I still have much more to reply to, so that will be over time. If you would like me to try and answer something for you, click here. So here it is!

Hey! I was just wondering if you could do a blog post about how to have pretty makeup for year 7 but not to OVER DO it thankyou so co much btw loving the blog! xx

Phoebe xxxxx

Hiya! Yes, I have an idea for some very light makeup for school, I know, you wouldn't want to over do it at school. Here is what you will need:

(1) BB cream, find one that matches your skin tone.

(2) Some nude kind of lipstick, with clear lip gloss over it, or you could even you a lip balm, I love baby lips cherry me, because it has a beautiful tint to it.

(3) Concealer. Again, try to match this with your skin tone.

(4) Some clear mascara. I suggested clear mascara, because if you have to rub your eyes, you will not see inky black smudges all over your eyes. Also, this clear mascara helps to moisturize lashes for some reason. I recommend using Wet N Wild clear mascara.

(5) Shimmery white eye shadow.

How to:

(1) Start by applying the BB cream evenly to your face. Make sure there are no streaks.

(2) Apply concealer to any blemishes you may have eg. - red skin, dark under eye circles.

(3) Beautify your lips with nude lipstick. Nude lipstick is great for school, especially if your not the kind of person who wants to grab lots of attention

(4) Apply the clear mascara. Start at the very start of your lashes, and kind of move the brush around at the start of your lashes. This will give your lashes more volume.
You could also use this to shape your eyebrows.

(5) Apply some of the eye shadow over your lids. I would go with a very light layer, and put some eye shadow at the edges of your eyes, near your eyeball. This makes you look more awake.

I hope this has helped you, Phoebe, because it certainly has helped me. Try this, it is very simple and yet beautiful at the same time. Enjoy! 

DIY Chalk board.

Hey! I'm going to be showing you how to make a chalkboard for your room! These are so simple to make, and very inexpensive, and they are also so decorative for your room, and they can help you organize too, because you could write your homework there and little reminders and notes! :)


 *A picture frame with the glass. Any size. (This will be the size of your chalkboard)

* Black chalkboard paint.


(1) Take apart the picture frame.

(2) Take the glass, and paint it with the chalkboard paint.

(3) Put the picture frame back together, making sure the painted side is upwards.

(4) Grab some chalk and hand up on your walls!

I love making these because they are so simple, and only require 2 things. Use different coloured chalks to add colour to your room! Good luck!

5 Beauty Hacks and tricks you need to know! (2)

Hiya! Okay this is my second post of this, because the last one was a success, so I decided to do another one. I have loads of beauty hacks and tricks to show you, so comment if you want more! Lets get started then!

(1) Want free blonde highlights without dye? All you have to do is mix 1 part water and 1 part lemon juice together, and pour into a bottle. Spritz on the parts of your hair you want to be highlighted, then go outside and get some sun! The lemon juice will give you blonde highlights.

(2) Make perfume last longer: Rub some Vaseline onto the place you want to spray your perfume, and then spray on the perfume. The Vaseline will make the perfume stay on for longer.

(3) Use apple cider vinegar as a toner for your face! Just put some on a cotton pad and apply all over your face!

(4) Want your eyes so look bigger? Use white eyeliner on your lower inner lids. It will make your eyes look much bigger :)

(5) Want a glamorous glow? Mix moisturizer with your foundation and apply as normal! Wah - Lah!

Would you rather? Beauty tag.

Okay so this is my first tag on my blog, so i'm super excited! Okay no long description, lets just jump right in! :) ♥

Okay question number:


(1) Go out with messy hair and nice makeup or nice hair and no makeup? I think I would have to go with nice hair and no makeup, because if you go out with nice hair, and without any makeup, it seems like you are
really confident. I wouldn't go out with messy hair though.

(2) Shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out? I would go with my eyelashes falling out, because I could just get fake lashes, but if I shaved off my eyebrows, I could fill them in, but I don't really like that effect.

(3) Be forced to shop at MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life? As much as I love MAC products, I would say I would have to go with Sephora, because they have a wider range of products.

(4) Wear the lipliner/lipgloss look or the 80s perm? I would go with the 80's perm, because the lipliner/lipgloss would make you look like a clown because what it is, is dark lipliner, and then lipgloss, and you don't even blend them together, you really do look like a clown.

(5) Leave the house the house with an obvious foundation line or an overdone blush? I would go with overdone blush.

(6) Wear MC Hammer pants or biker shorts in public? I'd go with biker shorts. There not too bad.

(7) A bad  orang-y spay tan or really bad tan lines that cant be covered? I think this is quite an obvious question. I would go with the orange-y spray tan.

(8) A bad haircut or a bad hair colour? I would go with a bad hair cut because you could always wear extensions, but with a bad hair colour, if you want to dye it, it might not take for a while so you could be stuck with it.

(9) Twitter or Youtube taken away forever? TWITTER! Deffo. I need youtube! :)

(10) Give up using makeup brushes or mascara? I would have to say mascara. I could always use Vaseline petroleum jelly!

I hope that this tag was good, because it was my first one, and I will try and make more in the future if you would like. Thanks for reading! :)

Trending School Bags! ♥

Now that we are back at school, we all want a bright colourful, and cute school bag! I found just the ones! Polka dots are in right now, and these bags are just so cute anyways! There also big storage space inside, and there are even some pockets on the outside, where you could keep your phone maybe. This is the type of school bag I have, and they are just so cute! I recommend these, because they are just such nice bags, and they have polka dots! I don't know whats with the polka dots, I just love them on my school bag :) The plain denim - blue one is also lovely. I'm just in love with these bags!

Ps: I have LOADS more posts though up for you guys, so stay tuned because they are on there way!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

5 Beauty hacks + tricks that you need to know!

Here are 5 Beauty hacks and tricks that you need to know, for your everyday routine.

(1) Puffy eyes when you wake up in the morning? Place a spoon in your freezer and wait until it is frozen. This will take around 20 minutes - half an hour. Take the frozen spoon and place it under your eyes where the puffiness is, it will vanish!

(2) Have you got spots or pimples that are extremely red and very noticeable? Take some eye drops for red and itchy eyes, and dab it onto the affected area and leave it on overnight. The redness should have gone


(3) Dry/cracked skin on your feet and elbows? Rub on some Vaseline petroleum jelly, and put on your socks as usual. It will moisturize the skin.
(4) Make any nail colour pop! Just put a layer of white nail paint underneath the colour you are going to use

(5) DIY: Mattify your lipstick! You can now make your lipstick matte! Put on your lipstick as usual, place a tissue over your lips and then brush on some translucent powder. The powder will go through the tissue and make your lipstick matte!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

DIY Lemon sugar hand scrub.

Have you got dry, cracked skin? Look no further, this lemon sugar hand scrub will do wonders! It will be especially good for winter, because it is when your skin gets dry with the cold whether. So heres what you will need and how to make it:


1 and a half cups of sugar

A quarter cup of olive oil

2 tbs lemon juice


Quite simple really, just mix everything together in one go! If the scrub is too oily, and less olive oil and a bit more sugar, and if it is too dry, add less sugar and more olive oil. Then enjoy beautifully moisturized hands!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Organize for school 2014!

First off, I would like to say sorry for not posting for a while, I have been busy with homework. For this post, I will be writing little tips that I use to help me organize in school. I love secondary school, and its very fun. If you are starting, and are in any bit scared, dont be! Its actually really good fun! Okay so enough talking, lets get on with the tips! :)

TIP 1: You will get a timetable for your classes. I would suggest that you write it out 2 more times. Tape one of the timetables onto your locker, and one up in your room, so when you are leaving in the morning, you can have your bag organized so when you get to school, you can straightaway put the books that your not using for this first 3 or 4 periods, in your locker. It would be good to tape one on your locker door, so you can just make sure you have all the books you need, are in your bag ready to go to class, because you dont want to have to be pulling out your timetable every time.

TIP 2: When you get the key for your locker, I suggest you get another two of them cut, just in case you loose one. When you get the key, put it on a key ring. Keep another 1 of them in your pencil case and do not touch it, and keep the other one at home maybe in your room. Keep the one that you have on the key ring in your pockets for easy access.

TIP 3: Set your alarm, and try not to sleep in. OMG! On the first few days, it was so hilarious! I have to go with my friend, and he's so slow to move sometimes, so I end up going into school 5 minutes before the bell goes, and I have to go to my locker and get my bag organized and get all my books. Luckily, I actually made it to class on time though, but im just saying, if you are being constantly late for class, the teachers wont be too impressed. So far, I have never been late for class though, so im very lucky :)

TIP 4: If you bring your phone to school, make sure you set it on silent, because, again, the teachers wont be impressed if your phone goes of in the middle of the lesson. You could also keep your phone in your locker.

So yes, I hope that has helped you organize yourself :) I will hopefully be posting often enough now, if im not laden down with homework! Bye for now though! :)