Friday, 12 September 2014

DIY Chalk board.

Hey! I'm going to be showing you how to make a chalkboard for your room! These are so simple to make, and very inexpensive, and they are also so decorative for your room, and they can help you organize too, because you could write your homework there and little reminders and notes! :)


 *A picture frame with the glass. Any size. (This will be the size of your chalkboard)

* Black chalkboard paint.


(1) Take apart the picture frame.

(2) Take the glass, and paint it with the chalkboard paint.

(3) Put the picture frame back together, making sure the painted side is upwards.

(4) Grab some chalk and hand up on your walls!

I love making these because they are so simple, and only require 2 things. Use different coloured chalks to add colour to your room! Good luck!


  1. I Want To Do This So Bad. But I Don't Have The Materials D:. Please Do More DIYs! I LOVE Making Them.

  2. This idea sounds so cool, I'd love to do it if I get the supplies c: The DIY posts are so easy to do and that's what makes them great!