Friday, 12 September 2014

Trending School Bags! ♥

Now that we are back at school, we all want a bright colourful, and cute school bag! I found just the ones! Polka dots are in right now, and these bags are just so cute anyways! There also big storage space inside, and there are even some pockets on the outside, where you could keep your phone maybe. This is the type of school bag I have, and they are just so cute! I recommend these, because they are just such nice bags, and they have polka dots! I don't know whats with the polka dots, I just love them on my school bag :) The plain denim - blue one is also lovely. I'm just in love with these bags!

Ps: I have LOADS more posts though up for you guys, so stay tuned because they are on there way!


  1. I Used To Have These Really Unfashionable School Bags And My Friends Would Laugh. But Now Because Of You My Friends Are So Jealous Of My School Bags. Thanks Once Again! <3

  2. I love the spotted black one, it looks so retro and cute! My last bag was a pale green floral backpack :c