Friday, 12 September 2014

Awesome advice! (2)

This is my second awesome advice, and I still have much more to reply to, so that will be over time. If you would like me to try and answer something for you, click here. So here it is!

Hey! I was just wondering if you could do a blog post about how to have pretty makeup for year 7 but not to OVER DO it thankyou so co much btw loving the blog! xx

Phoebe xxxxx

Hiya! Yes, I have an idea for some very light makeup for school, I know, you wouldn't want to over do it at school. Here is what you will need:

(1) BB cream, find one that matches your skin tone.

(2) Some nude kind of lipstick, with clear lip gloss over it, or you could even you a lip balm, I love baby lips cherry me, because it has a beautiful tint to it.

(3) Concealer. Again, try to match this with your skin tone.

(4) Some clear mascara. I suggested clear mascara, because if you have to rub your eyes, you will not see inky black smudges all over your eyes. Also, this clear mascara helps to moisturize lashes for some reason. I recommend using Wet N Wild clear mascara.

(5) Shimmery white eye shadow.

How to:

(1) Start by applying the BB cream evenly to your face. Make sure there are no streaks.

(2) Apply concealer to any blemishes you may have eg. - red skin, dark under eye circles.

(3) Beautify your lips with nude lipstick. Nude lipstick is great for school, especially if your not the kind of person who wants to grab lots of attention

(4) Apply the clear mascara. Start at the very start of your lashes, and kind of move the brush around at the start of your lashes. This will give your lashes more volume.
You could also use this to shape your eyebrows.

(5) Apply some of the eye shadow over your lids. I would go with a very light layer, and put some eye shadow at the edges of your eyes, near your eyeball. This makes you look more awake.

I hope this has helped you, Phoebe, because it certainly has helped me. Try this, it is very simple and yet beautiful at the same time. Enjoy! 


  1. Thanks For The Advice. I'm Definitely Will Try All These Out When I Go To School. Please Make More Posts <3

  2. I don't tend to wear makeup, but this advice is great, how long would it take to do?