Friday, 12 September 2014

Youtube account!

I have made my first vid on youtube! Im Kerry Mc on youtube so if you want me to subscribe to you just ask and I might, but make sure you subscribe me back! <3 :) So this is my first vid, and I know it is kind of hard to read my because it is a little fast, but im working on it! Try pausing it! :) My first vid there is called Thefashionistadiygal. Just incase you wanna search it up on youtube! :) If you want to go directly to my vid on youtube, just click the heading of the video, Thefashionistadiygal and you will be taken there! Thanks! :)


  1. Amazing Video I Really Like It Because I Am In Love With The Program You Used. What Program Did You Use To Make Your Videos?

  2. I love the glowing stuff in the jar btw!