Sunday, 24 August 2014

Back - to - school 2014! Makeup, tips, and must-haves!

The summer hols have been great this year for me, what about you? I went on hols and had sleepovers and
went to the beach. But summer hols are almost over now, and were all getting ready to go back to school. This year, im going to be going into secondary school this year, and im exited, but im also a nervous reck at the same time. So, here are some MAKE-UP IDEAS FOR BACK TO SCHOOL, TIPS IF YOUR STARTING SECONDARY SCHOOL LIKE ME, AND MUST-HAVES!


(1) On the very first day you start, try and make as much friends as you can, it might be hard for some people, but it it's very important.

(2) Be YOU, and don't try and change yourself. Don't try and impress other students. If they don't like you for who you are, then forget them.

(3) Try and get involved in extra-curricular activities. Be social.

(4) Remember, your not alone. There are way more teens that are feeling how you are!

(5) Popularity means nothing. Again, don't change yourself to impress other people.

(6) Try and get all your work done, it will pay off.

(7) Your teachers are on your side. Ask them something if you need to know it. Thats what there there for after all, right?

(8) Try not to sleep in. Tempting as it may seem, if you're awake on time, do NOT go back to sleep, and if you don't wake up in time, go and buy yourself an alarm clock.

(9) If you get homework in the weekends, try and get that done as soon as possible. You'll have the weekends to yourself then.

(10) Have fun! Secondary school days are supposed to be the best times of your lives, so live up to that.


Some people like to wear makeup going to school, and im one of those people. However, don't overdo it, not for school. Here is some products you can use for school. There very light, and thats good!

 BB cream

Clear mascara

Baby lips, lip balm

Clear or shimmery lipgloss

A good concealer

Bright eyeshadow

Normally I just use these things. I put on the BB cream (very lightly),

and then put on my clear mascara, and curl my lashes with a lash curl
I use clear mascara, because I find, if you want to rub your eyes if

they get itchy in class, black and brown mascara just goes everywhere!

With clear mascara, you cant do anything, but it does the same tricks.

Next I put on some baby lips lip balm. I use the "Cherry me" one.

In another blog post, I have done a review of Baby lips lip balm.

Then I put on some clear or sometimes even shimmery lipgloss.

Next I use some concealer in any blemishes around my face,

and lastly, sometimes I put on white eyeshadow, in the corners

of my eyes. TIP: If you put eyeshadow in the corners of your eyes,

it looks like you are more awake.


These are a must for school! Make some extra room for these in your bag, because these are needed!

(1) A home work diary. Quite obvious, but your going to need it.

(2) Girly supplies. You know what i'm on about. You never know!

(3) Concealer. If you need to touch up.

(4) Oil blotting sheets. Great for after P.E!

(5) Deodrant. Also, great for after and even before P.E!

(6) Chewing gum/ mints. You don't want to have bad breath!

(7) Compact mirror. Great to keep in your pocket.

(8) Makeup bag.

(9) Sunglasses. For summer, obvs.

(10) Hand sanitizer.

(11) Lunch money. If your school has a canteen.

(12) Glasses case and glasses. If you have them.

(13) Your mobile phone. If you have one.

(14) A notepad. To write down your pal's phone numbers.

(15) Tablets. Make sure you have them just in case anything happens. Make sure you ask first, you don't want to take the wrong ones!

I hope this post has helped you. It has sure helped me in school. Have a good time in school, good luck! <3


  1. My school doesn't allow make up ._. or chewing gum, or mobile phones.

  2. I can't use makeup at my school o-o D;

  3. Were not aloud makeup at school, but i would do that if we were, Great advice, im going into secondry school as well!

  4. Luckliy I can have makeup at my school. Good advice!

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