Wednesday, 6 August 2014

DIY nail paint!

Today i'm going to be showing you how to make your own nail paint, and it's so easy and so affordable! I'm serious, it will only take around 5 minutes! I have tried this nail paint out in many different colours and they all turned out fab! Lets start.

You will need:

Clear nail paint
Eyeshadow (Any colour, this will be the colour for your nail paint) I used bright green, blue, and purple
A toothpick, or something that can mix them together, and also fit inside the bottle of the nail paint.

(1) Scrape off some of the coloured eyeshadow you want, you could use a toothpick.
(2) Very carefully, tilt the eyeshadow into the clear nail polish. (The more eyeshadow you use, the better the colour will turn out)
(3) Mix it together. I used a toothpick. Then close the bottle and shake it up :)
(4) Paint your nails with your own nail paint! Sometimes you will have to give it more than 1 coat.

Enjoy your new nail paint! I love this so much because you can choose any colour you want. I am deffo going to try out more of these! Comment if you have tried or if you are going to try.

TIP: You can add glitter to the nail paint, to give it some sparkle!