Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fall night routine 2014♥

I love fall, so i'm going to be doing a night routine for fall 2014 :) This is my first routine!

(1) Okay, so when I get back from school, I normally go straight up to my room and just chill on my bed, while doing homework and editing my posts. I normally stay there for an hour and a half, and I check my twitter also, which is @Starryeyed0140.

(2) Then, I finish off my homework. I change into some comfy clothing, or my onesie. Then I go downstairs, and eat my dinner. I then normally just sit near the fire and watch some TV for an half an hour.

(3) When i'm finished watching TV, I go and get some exercise, maybe for a jog or a cycle.

(4) When I get back, I have a nice hot cup of hot chocolate, wash my teeth and face, have a shower, and by then I normally just read a book and go on twitter until I fall asleep.

Okay girls, so that was my fall night routine, and I hope you liked it, and I would like to know, what is your fall night routine? Let me know in the comments below. :)

1 comment:

  1. Mine varies really but I'll let you know soon if I've sorted one out :)