Sunday, 5 October 2014

Halloween food and drinks

Hey! So I made a post showing you some Halloween decor yesterday and today I will be posting on Halloween food and drinks. These are perfect if you are having a party, or even if your just having your friends over. They don't require much effort, and are all very easy. To get you guys in the Halloween mood I have put a song in this post. Just click play. Me and my friends loves this song for Halloween. Lets get right into the food and drinks now!

(1) Eyeball cocktail.
Easy to make, and it looks so ghoulish! Just take 5 or 6 green grapes, and make a little slit in the middle, pop in 1 raisin, and there your eyeballs! Put the eyeballs into a glass, followed by some gummy bears and chewy sweets, then just pour in some cranberry juice and your done. Simple!

(2) Ghost meringue.
Simple to make. You will only need 3 ingredients. Beat 4 egg whites and 220g of sugar together until you get a light, fluffy texture. Spoon onto a baking tray and place in the over at 90 degrees. Bake for 1 and a half hours or until crisp on the outside. Let them cool. Melt some dark chocolate, and drip onto the meringues to make 2 eyes and a mouth on each one. And your finished!!! :)

Puking pumpkin.
Oh it looks so terrible! This is so delicous! Take a pumpkin, and carve out a face. Next place it in a plate. Spoon some guacomole into the mouth, an all the way out, across the plate. Spread some nachos around the guacamole and your ready to go :)

Iced ghosts.
These are healthy for you because they contain pears. Dip as much pears (washed and skinned) as you need in white chocolate, until they are covered in it. Ice on the mouth and eyes as soon as the white chocolate has hardened. Then just put a lollipop stick into the pear and there you have it!

Monster teeth.
Ooooh spooky! These are also a healthy option and they will seriously only take around 5 minutes to make a bunch. Slice an apple up, and for every pair of monster teeth you make you will need two slices of apple. Just put mini marshmallows in between the two slices. finished! Tah - dah!

I hope this has helped you, and if you decide to try these out, I would love to see the results! To send me a picture by email, click here. Thanks for reading! Bye for now, x


  1. these look really cool ur so awesome

  2. These look so cool! I'm deffinately gonna try them! I have a request can you do a post about halloween costumes?

  3. These are amazing! I personally don't celebrate Halloween but with these snacks I feel like having a few friends around :)